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The Radix Programmer's Guild - Manifesto, Rules and Roadmap.


RadGuild is a full-service design and development shop that builds:

RadGuild also offers a myriad of services including:

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The Guild operates in a DAO-like manner under a small leadership team. Sometime soon after the Radix Babylon release introducing smart contracts on the Radix mainnet, the Guild will officially reorganize as a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) running on the Radix platform. After that point in time the Guild Members will act as a group to decide all matters relating to the continuing operation of the Guild.

The concept for a Programmer’s Guild came from the August 2020 Radix whitepaper and inspired Rock Howard, a software developer and entrepreneur with over four decades of industry experience, into action. Mr. Howard recognized the potential of the Radix technology and their unique programming language named Scrypto to change the face of digital finance. As a front-line participant in the language wars of the 1990s, Mr. Howard brings a unique perspective about what it will take to bring this awesome new technology to full fruition. He outlines his journey thus far in his book “My Road To Scrypto” which will be available soon.