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The Radix Programmer's Guild - Manifesto, Rules and Roadmap.

RadGuild Membership

All RadGuild members in good standing get:

Quarterly Tributes

Membership requires a tribute of $25 (or equivalent) per quarter starting in Q1, 2022.


RadGuild intends to issue NFTs to members who achieve advanced ranks. Details are TBD.

Getting an Invitation

You can get an invite to visit the RadGuild discord by:

Our Recruitment Process

While RadGuild is mainly about supporting developers, we also need graphic designers, project managers, project designers, sales people and such as well. If you think that you can help us succeed and, like most RadGuild members, only have some part time hours available, we would like to hear from you.

Or “invite only” membership approach is probably temporary. With time and growth you can expect the Guild to start putting out specific calls for people with specific skills just like a normal software firm. Right now it is too hard to predict what we might need and so we are taking on a variety of people who are attracted to the Guild concept but are preferably already somewhat beyond the rank beginner stage.