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The Radix Programmer's Guild - Manifesto, Rules and Roadmap.


I believe that Scrypto and the Radix Engine V2 could be the breakthrough in development technology that savvy crypto developers have been searching for. I explain why this is the case in my forthcoming book, “My Road to Scrypto”. However the best technology often fails to win out in the real world and this is especially true in the rough and tumble world of software development languages and tools where momentum and the dictates of fashion play a huge role in determining winners and losers.

Fortunately I believe that even fairly new developers will quickly become highly productive with Scrypto as long as proper tools and community support emerge to help them succeed. To that end I have crafted this organization and designed it to help scrypto programmers learn by doing and earn by succeeding. Along with separate initiatives to provide training materials and free and open developer support communities, The Radix Programmer’s Guild seeks to jumpstart development for the Radix ecosystem.

A this point I have already amassed a long list of projects to design and build. Many of these are internal projects aimed at building programming tools and systems to support Guild activities. However there are a good number of challenging projects that are being designed by outside organizations that have already decided to have RadGuild perform most or all of the development work. Other projects have emerged that need auditing services or project design assistance. That this large pool of work has emerged even before the Guild has officially launched is quite encouraging.

The one overriding problem, which is not a surprising one, is the need for funding to properly compensate the Guild members who step up and make progress on their assigned projects. I am preparing to sign up Guild Sponsors to start bootstrapping the Guild Treasury, but the real test will come when I reach out to the VCs, whales and Foundations in the Radix space. With your help I will be able to show them long lists of potential projects and customers and actual Guild Members and Sponsors who want this initiative to succeed. At that point a serious injection of digital assets should occur and then deployed to kick this operation into high gear.